Orange Guitar amplification user reviews

  • Orange Dark Terror

    Orange Dark Terror - "It aint tiny"


    ontrols: Gain/shape/volume 1.5 mm Zintec chassis w/ steel vented top case 15 watts Class A/ 7 watts Class A switchable Tube-driven effects loop Tubes: Preamp - 3 x 12AX7, effects loop - 1 x 12AT7, output 2 x EL84 Case: Gig bag included UTILIZAT…

  • Orange TH100 Head

    Orange TH100 Head - "Keep is simple stupid"


    Dirty channel controls: Volume, Shape, Gain Clean channel controls: Treble, Bass, Volume Effects loop Output: Class AB, switchable between 100, 70, 50, and 35 watts Preamp tubes: 4 x ECC83 Ouput tubes: 4 x EL84 Effec…

  • Orange OR100 Vintage

    Orange OR100 Vintage - "Vintage is the way"


    These old Orange amplifiers have a great sound and distinct British tone that is very familiar to a lot of hard rock and metal players. I would say that most hard rock and metal music is big round that British tone but in a highly modified certain wa…

  • Orange AD30TC

    Orange AD30TC - "Fly the union.... orange?"


    The Orange AD30 is a combo built by the British company to capture a different share of their market. The AD30 is a 30 watt dual channel combo with two identical looking channels. Each channel is equipped with gain, volume, bass, middle and treble co…

  • Orange AD30TC

    Orange AD30TC - "Solid tone"


    One of my favorite British voice amplifiers in the world has to be Orange amplifiers. They have such a great tone certainly more leanings vintage type tones. They are pretty aggressive in their sound and heavy gain and a stick behind the motto of Mar…

  • Orange Tiny Terror

    Orange Tiny Terror - "Not for me."


    The Orange Tiny Terror is a 15 watt tube head that perpetuated the whole "lunch box" amplifier craze. It's been out for a few years now and many amps from companies like VOX, Traynor, Mesa Boogie, H&K, etc have come after. Lots of people like these f…

  • Orange Rocker 30

    Orange Rocker 30 - "Fireball!"


    The Orange Rocker 30 combo is one of the more stripped down amps that they've built recently. It features two channels, natural and dirty. The natural channel has just a volume control, whereas the drive channel features gain and volume controls. The…

  • Orange Tiny Terror

    Orange Tiny Terror - "Tiny but not Terror"


    Characteristics9/10 For the size of a lunch box this little amp pacts quite a kick to it. This amp looks like something you would walk to school with and be carrying your peanut butter sandwich in. Orange has taken such a small but positive approach…

  • Orange Rocker 30

    Orange Rocker 30 - "pretty solid"


    I have played guitar for several years, and haven't been impressed with digital effects and modeling until now. I decided to try the Orange Amp Rocker 30 out at guitar center one day and was amazed at the wide tonal spectrum available. I think it's i…

  • Orange Rockerverb 100 Head

    Orange Rockerverb 100 Head - "Higher wattage Orange, cool."


    The Orange RV100 MkI was the highest wattage version of the Rockerverb line of amps. The Rockerverb in general was meant to be a more modern high gain amp line designed to compete with the high gainers of today. Orange is typically known for their sl…