Audio & music gear reviews

  • VSL Instruments Pro Mini-Review

    VSL Instruments Pro Mini-Review - Big Time VSL


    Vienna Symphonic Library recently presented its Vienna Instruments Pro. What is hidden behind this virtual instrument? Is it just an aesthetic update or a real evolution?

  • Avid Pro Tools 9 Review

    Avid Pro Tools 9 Review - Let There Be Light!


    It was THE event at the 2010 AES show in San Fran: the launch of Pro Tools 9 took center stage and generated a lot of expectations. Pro Tools 9 is not merely a simple update. It is in fact a small revolution for Avid, given that the famous DAW is now open to the external world — for the first time ever.

  • MusicMan Classic Stingray 4 Mini-Review

    MusicMan Classic Stingray 4 Mini-Review - Classic and Timeless


    Today's review is dedicated to a master piece and a living legend — a totem in electric bass guitar history.

  • Cakewalk Sonar X1 Review

    Cakewalk Sonar X1 Review - Sonar Under X-Rays


    The new Sonar version has arrived. However, instead of being version 9, it is named Sonar X1. Cakewalk actually decided to completely rebuild the interface of its sequencer. And it changes everything. For good.

  • Native Instruments The Mouth Mini-Review

    Native Instruments The Mouth Mini-Review - Word of Mouth Plug-in


    The Mouth, second effect created by Tim Exile after The Finger, allows you to process any input signal in a creative way, even though it shows some preference for vocals. Is it a vocoder? More? Or less?

  • DJ-Tech U2 Station MK2 Review

    DJ-Tech U2 Station MK2 Review - Station to Station


    How about mixing MP3 files without a computer? That's the goal of the DJ-Tech U2 Station MK2...

  • Propellerhead Reason 5 Review

    Propellerhead Reason 5 Review - Eight Rex and One Kong


    What features does the fifth version of the historical Propellerhead software have to offer? Overview.

  • Focal CMS 40 Review

    Focal CMS 40 Review - Focal Point


    These monitor speakers ought to be of interest to mobile home studio owners or people who have a very small room to play or mix music. Following the Focal CMS 65 and CMS 50, the CMS 40 is even smaller but not less appealing...

  • RME Babyface Review

    RME Babyface Review - USBaby


    Most manufacturers have been adding compact audio interfaces to their product range for several years, and now is time for RME and its Babyface. Many mobile musicians and sound engineers have been eagerly waiting for this new USB2 compatible interface...

  • Korg PS60 Review

    Korg PS60 Review - Plug & Play


    While the market of low-budget synthesizers has never been so flourishing, Korg launches a performance synth conceived for live applications that require spontaneity and real-time options. Let's step into the details...